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  • Globiana Monthly: Breaking down the "us vs. them" mentality through culture

Globiana Monthly: Breaking down the "us vs. them" mentality through culture

Posted by Elena Mosko
Posted by Elena Mosko
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I think many will agree — we’re living through some challenging times. Recent events here in the US, for example, have brought terms like racism, extremism, and nationalism back to the top of many discussions. These are events that make us have to take a longer look at our values and beliefs, and what it means to stay true to them. 

Regardless of what we call the "us vs. them" mentality, I believe that part of the cure can be found in small everyday steps towards lowering the barriers and crossing the lines between cultures. If respect and curiosity about another human being and their environment are the platforms we stand on, the world will have to change its face.

A few times a year I am very fortunate to find myself in a business conference environment with our partners from over 130 countries. Of course, we’re there to get things done, but just as important to me is the time spent on simple conversations about home countries, holiday traditions, favorite foods, and the challenges that daily life brings. Asking simple friendly questions is easy — everyone appreciates a chance to talk about their country and people. 

Being curious about other cultures doesn't have to mean taking a trip abroad. You can read, watch, ask, participate in anything that goes beyond the boundaries of your familiar culture — it has the power to change you, and those around you.

Elena Mosko

CEO and Founder, Globiana Inc.

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