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  • Globiana Monthly — The Role of Coaching in the Future

Globiana Monthly — The Role of Coaching in the Future

Posted by Felicia Shermis
Posted by Felicia Shermis
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Asking for help can be hard — for many reasons. Perhaps it's because we feel it shows weakness, or we're afraid of imposing on someone, or we're just stubborn and want to figure things out on our own. Yet, asking for help, in big ways and small, is something we all have to do from time to time. As children we learn to ask for help at a very early age, be it a skinned knee or a challenging homework assignment. In our adult age, we sometimes forget how important this skill can be.

Getting the right help to make the most of an assignment abroad is crucial. The stakes are simply too high to forgo that kind of support — everything from a botched presentation to dysfunctional workgroups to lost business deals, are possible consequences of cultural missteps in a global business world. That's why it's important to make sure the global talent you have hired has the right tools to navigate work and life in a different culture. 

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