News Wed 29 Jul, 2020 Market Update: Q4 FY20 – Q1 FY21

Posted 5 months ago by Robert Sterngold


By Henry Clark – Head of Financial & Professional Risk


The recent spate of foreign cyber attacks against Australian organisations has put cyber exposures in Australia under the microscope. As a result, cyber related claims are expected to increase, particularly with more Australians now working from home and relying…

Milliman Highlights Predictive Analytics Tool for WC

Posted 11 months ago by Travis Grulkowski

Take control of escalating workers' comp costs with Nodal


Risk & Insurance® discussed the results of a survey conducted at the December 2018 NWCDC Expo of 512 workers’ compensation professionals. Those surveyed said their number one concern was the rising cost of care. Almost half of them said the escalating cost was the biggest challenge facing their workers’ comp programs…

The importance of workplace pension scheme governance in the UK

Posted 11 months ago by Nick Howarth

Over recent years, the importance of workplace pension scheme governance in the UK has increased significantly. With the introduction of automatic enrolment legislation, which became effective from October 2012 onwards, all employers are required to provide a pension scheme to employees. Now that many of these pension schemes have been in place for some time, employers should be…

Discussing Global Employee Benefits Strategies

Posted 1 year ago by Saira Chambers

Economically it’s become very apparent over the recent past that we live in a global village; local events can, and do, have global consequences. The 2008 UK recession was directly connected to US housing loans. Brexit uncertainty not only impacts the UK and Europe but also business and economies around the world.

This connectivity can also be related to employee benefits with many…

Globiana Monthly — The Role of Coaching in the Future

Posted 1 year ago by Felicia Shermis

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Asking for help can be hard — for many reasons. Perhaps it's because we feel it shows weakness, or we're afraid of imposing on someone, or we're just stubborn and want to figure things out on our own. Yet, asking for help, in big ways and small, is something we all have to…

Employee and Cyber Security in International Business

Posted 1 year ago by Felicia Shermis

Investing in employee safety and cybersecurity is not optional for a business with an international footprint — it’s a must. In the global business world, this is about risk mitigation and as such the question becomes: how to do it and to what degree? Keeping employees and company data safe is a complex undertaking that requires a deliberate effort to combine deeper cultural knowledge of a host…

What's Creating a Buzz in the World of Global Mobility in 2019?

Posted 1 year ago by Felicia Shermis

The biggest factor impacting global mobility is perhaps the most obvious: globalization—of society and business alike. But, there are other factors at play as well, such as research showing multicultural teams being more creative and productive compared to monocultural teams, and, younger professional generations increasingly expecting to get opportunities to work abroad at earlier stages of their…


Posted 1 year ago by Robert Sterngold

How can British expats in the EU, either already there or wanting to move, plan for their health insurance after Brexit? Ed Watling, employee benefits consultant, Mattioli Woods looks at EU healthcare and what clients need to bear in mind.

According to UN figures, there are an estimated 1.3 million British citizens living in (European Union) EU countries. By far the biggest community…

Globiana Monthly: Breaking down the "us vs. them" mentality through culture

Posted 1 year ago by Elena Mosko

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I think many will agree — we’re living through some challenging times. Recent events here in the US, for example, have brought terms like racism, extremism, and nationalism back to the top of many discussions. These are events that make us have to take a longer…

Globiana's COO on the Importance of Global Competence Training

Posted 1 year ago by Felicia Shermis

Each year corporate travelers take some 480 million business trips and there are an estimated 56 million business expats worldwide. The cost to a company when these globally mobile people are not performing, or even worse, are doing harm by not knowing the cultural codes of their business counterparts, is great. To be successful in a cross-border, multicultural business world, you simply can’t afford…



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