Committees at WBN

As a network with members around the world, WBN values collaboration and the development of professional working relationships. One of the ways in which we encourage and facilitate member participation is through working committees which create, guide, and evaluate the success of short-term and long-term business initiatives.

Technology Committee

WBN has always considered global information management to be a key offering to our members and their multinational clients. Our first iteration of WBNet was introduced in 1997, with an upgraded version designed in unison with Vertafore in 2000. In 2015, a totally new platform—WBNet 3.0… powered by Origami Risk—was developed.

Origami Risk has received strong industry support for its sophistication and has an insurance industry reputation as the #1 Risk Management Information System.

The Technology Committee oversees the ongoing development of WBNet 3.0…powered by Origami Risk, who assist with testing and providing feedback on how the system is functioning during weekly conference calls. The Technology Committee also meets at each global and regional conference.

Marketing Communications Advisory Committee

Communications and Branding are essential to WBN’s success. A program was initiated in 2014 to formalize advertising, publicity, internal communications and marketing communications on a worldwide basis. This included creation of a committee comprised of members from each region—as well as both the Employee Benefits and Young Professionals groups—to guide and support communications, both at the institutional level and at the point of interaction between members and clients and prospects.

European Steering Committee

This committee guides and encourages European cross-border business development. It is involved in international training to WBN member firms. One of the committee’s priorities is to work with members and carriers to provide enhanced WBN products.

Employee Benefits Steering Committee

This committee establishes a more formal interface with sponsoring carriers to develop product offerings that are exclusive to WBN members and their clients. This committee also develops new ways to mutually market the products.

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